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I am forty-six years old and had never stepped foot on a continent other than the Americas.

The Jubilee School’s
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Tucked away in Philadelphia’s vibrant Southwest Philadelphia, The Jubilee School, defies conventional educational norms.

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Love Now Magazine is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. We’re more than just a publication; we’re a vibrant community cultivating joy, hope, and love in its purest form, right at this moment, right where you are.

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For My Sisters, For Myself


For My Sisters, For Myself Jeannine Cook is Connecting Sisters Across Space and Time. By Syreeta Martin This originally started out as a tale of two: two sisters and two sister cities. Jeannine and...
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Loving Myself As I Am

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Aziza Shuler Loving Myself As I Am By Aziza Shuler My journey to self-love, like many, is a deeply personal one, rooted in self-discovery...
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Give Me My Flowers | How Images Can Be Bouquets

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Give Me My FlowersHow Images Can Be Bouquets By Shakira Hunt Working as a designer full time, living the typical 9-5 life was not...
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Navigating Wealth Through the Fear

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Navigating Wealth Through the Fear By Rachael Hanible In the delicate dance between love and money, an often-uninvited guest makes a...
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Give First, Not Last

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Give First, Not Last By Jos Duncan Asé The adage “give someone your last” evokes a sense of profound sacrifice and is often...
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In a world that often demands you put everyone and everything else first, taking the time to love yourself can seem indulgent, if not downright selfish. Yet, self-love is anything but a luxury. It’s a necessity for well-being, resilience, and lasting happiness. Here’s why self-love is so crucial and three actionable ways you can start practicing it today.

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