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I am forty-six years old and had never stepped foot on a continent other than the Americas.

The Jubilee School’s
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Tucked away in Philadelphia’s vibrant Southwest Philadelphia, The Jubilee School, defies conventional educational norms.

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Love Now Media is thrilled to partner with Odunde for a spectacular evening you won’t want to miss! Join us on Tuesday, June 4th, at The Lawn Beer Garden at 3701 Filbert Street for our Love Now Magazine Summer Issue Release event. We’re kicking things off with an outdoor happy hour and an Afrobeats celebration featuring the incredible DJ G33K, the mesmerizing poetry of Lindo Yes, and so much more.


Come mix, mingle, and meet some of the amazing features and writers from the magazine. Enjoy the vibes in our beer garden, grab a bite from the food trucks, and wear your most fun and vibrant outfits. And don’t forget to bring your best moves for some TikTok-worthy Afrobeat videos!


It’s going to be a night of fun, music, and community – see you there!


Love Now Magazine is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. We’re more than just a publication; we’re a vibrant community cultivating joy, hope, and love in its purest form, right at this moment, right where you are.

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Joseph Conyers Orchestrates Opportunities Through the Power of Music


John Conyers – Photo by Nicole Roche Joseph Conyers Orchestrates Opportunities Through the Power of Music Written By Kim Rusell I have always believed music to be a universal way to communicate...
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The Creative Force of Will Toms

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The Creative Force of Will Toms By: Philip Roundtree Before receiving recognition as Forbes ’30 under 30′ honoree in 2021 for...
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Loving Myself As I Am

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Aziza Shuler Loving Myself As I Am By Aziza Shuler My journey to self-love, like many, is a deeply personal one, rooted in self-discovery...
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Give Me My Flowers | How Images Can Be Bouquets

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Give Me My FlowersHow Images Can Be Bouquets By Shakira Hunt Working as a designer full time, living the typical 9-5 life was not...
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Navigating Wealth Through the Fear

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Navigating Wealth Through the Fear By Rachael Hanible In the delicate dance between love and money, an often-uninvited guest makes a...
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Want more love now?

In a world that often demands you put everyone and everything else first, taking the time to love yourself can seem indulgent, if not downright selfish. Yet, self-love is anything but a luxury. It’s a necessity for well-being, resilience, and lasting happiness. Here’s why self-love is so crucial and three actionable ways you can start practicing it today.

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