Loving a Child with Anxiety:
10 Affirmations to Empower Your Anxious Child

Navigating life’s ups and downs with an anxious child can be a balancing act. While it’s natural for parents to wish they could take away their child’s fears, it’s equally crucial to equip them with tools for managing their anxiety. Here are ways parents can better support their children who experience anxiety, and 10 affirmations that can empower them to face the day with confidence.


Anxiety in children can manifest in a variety of ways: social withdrawal, constant worrying, sleep problems, and even physical symptoms like stomach aches. Understanding your child’s specific triggers and signs of anxiety is the first step in providing the right support.

Open Communication

Create a safe environment where your child can talk openly about their fears and worries. Sometimes the act of verbalizing what they’re feeling can lessen the burden.


Consistency and Routine

A predictable routine offers a sense of safety and control, which is comforting to an anxious child.


Professional Help

Consulting a mental health specialist can provide more specialized techniques tailored to your child’s needs.

10 Affirmations for Children with Anxiety

Affirmations are a simple yet powerful tool that can help alter mindset and instill a sense of control and confidence. Here are 10 affirmations parents can teach their children:


  1. “I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and choices.”

This affirmation gives the child agency, reminding them that they have control over their reactions, even if they can’t control external circumstances.

  1. “I am brave, and I can face this.”

Reinforce their courage and ability to face fears, however big or small.

  1. “I am safe, and I am loved.”

A crucial reminder that provides immediate emotional security.


  1. “It’s okay to ask for help.”

This helps normalize the act of reaching out, breaking the cycle of isolation that anxiety often brings.


  1. “I can take deep breaths and calm myself.”

This affirmation can be particularly effective when paired with actual deep-breathing exercises.


  1. “I am not alone; everyone has fears and worries.”

Understanding that they’re not isolated in their feelings can be a huge relief.


  1. “This feeling will pass.”

A reminder that anxiety is temporary can be a powerful tool during panic-inducing situations.


  1. “I am strong enough to handle whatever comes my way.”

This helps build resilience and self-confidence.


  1. “My worries do not define me.”

An important distinction that helps the child separate their identity from their anxiety.


  1. “I am deserving of happiness and peace.”

This helps the child visualize a future where they are free from crippling anxiety.


How to Use These Affirmations

  • Print these affirmations and stick them on your child’s mirror or notebook.
  • Incorporate them into your morning routine or bedtime rituals.
  • Use them as prompts for journaling or art projects.


Loving a child with anxiety requires patience, understanding, and a toolkit of strategies to help them manage their fears. These affirmations are not a replacement for professional help but can serve as daily reminders of strength and resilience. With the right support, children can not only cope with anxiety but also learn valuable skills that will empower them to face life’s challenges.

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