Navigating Wealth Through the Fear

By Rachael Hanible

In the delicate dance between love and money, an often-uninvited guest makes a frequent appearance: fear. It lurks in the corners of our minds, casting shadows on our financial decisions and aspirations. For many, especially within Black and Brown communities where the specter of systemic economic injustices looms large, fear is a formidable adversary on the journey to financial peace and prosperity.

Having devoted a decade to empowering individuals to rise above their financial anxieties, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of confidence. It is my firm belief that self-assurance dissolves doubt. When fear retreats, abundance blossoms.

Here are some practical steps to get rid of that fear and increase your faith on the road to financial peace.


Map Your Journey

Begin with envisioning your destination. Detail your long-term and immediate financial aspirations. Seek clarity, for it’s in specificity that goals take root. 

  • Where do you want to be financially a year from now?
  • Where do you need to be financially 6 months from now to achieve your one-year goal?
  • What do you need to do every month to be on track to reach your goal for the year?
  • Be realistic and specific with your goals. How much can you save exactly? How much debt can you pay exactly? How much do you want to increase your income?


Bridge Income and Expenses

Wealth isn’t merely about accumulation; it’s a balance between earnings and expenses. The money in the middle is where your wealth will come from. Consider methods to amplify income, however incremental, and strategies to mitigate expenses. Each dollar saved, each additional income, is a stone laid on the pathway to financial serenity.

  • Make a list of ways you can increase the amount of money coming in per month, even if it is small amounts.
  • Make a list of ways you can decrease the amount of money going out per month, even if it is small amount


The Power of Positivity

Words, imbued with energy, are architects of our reality. Commit to a two week period of absolute positivity in your financial discourse. Let every uttered word be a seed of prosperity; every thought, a silent anthem of abundance. When negativity attempts to breach this sanctuary of positive affirmation, let it find an impenetrable fortress.

  • Set a goal to only speak positively about your money and your financial future for two weeks.
  • When you feel those most common negative thoughts and words coming, cancel it out with a positive affirmation.


Small Steps, Big Strides

Craft a list of incremental actions, each a catalyst propelling you closer to your financial aspirations. Whether it’s the refinement of a resume, the promotion of products, or the meticulous review of bank statements – each action, however minuscule, is a note in the symphony of financial liberation. Commit to daily engagement, for in consistency, momentum builds, and fear dissipates.

  • Make a list of small steps you need to take to get you closer to the goals on your list.
  • Set an alert to do at least one thing on the list every day.


In my ten years of financially empowering clients, the evidence is unequivocal – fear is not an insurmountable giant. Each positive affirmation, every meticulously laid plan, and the consistent undertakings are arrows of light, piercing through the ominous clouds of financial anxieties.

Your journey isn’t solitary. It’s woven into a tapestry of collective endeavors, echoing the ethos of unity and empowerment. Every stride towards financial liberation, each confrontation of fear, illuminates your path and contributes to the grand narrative of communal upliftment.

May every step be unburdened by fear, and each day bring you closer to the symphony of financial peace and freedom – a melody composed in the harmonious notes of love, resilience, and community.

In the dance of love and money, may your soul find the rhythm, and your spirit, the song.

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