The Future of Beauty: A Cosmetic Chemist’s Love Letter to You

By Marquita Robinson Garcia

To honor your body is to practice self-care. 

To honor your spirit is to practice self-love. 

To honor your beauty is to practice self-expression. 


Care is the intentional action we take to raise our vibration and energy in love and when those forces align, beauty is the divine result. It then becomes futile to wrestle with social standards, engage in a mental tug-of-war with doubt or allow thoughts of inadequacy to jab our divinity and weaken our sense of self. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the human aptitude for cooperation and unification in a collective effort to ensure survival and progression. But when it comes to beauty, it is an honor to witness the unique gifts of every individual. This birthright is realized in a world liberated from comparison to others and compulsion to undergo extreme measures of self-manipulation and conformity.

The saving grace of true beauty is that it is fluid. We are not static, plastic dolls, but evolving, sparks of life shining through all ages. Our radiant spirits should never endure the suffocating experience of following the crowd for beauty’s sake. You must remember, you do not belong to anyone. You are your own. Your features, your style, your sense of self—you are the master of it all. Denying sovereignty to any aspect of beauty risks genocide to all forms of beauty.


We do more harm to our esteem and confidence, trying to force ourselves into a box we don’t belong in. We attempt to physically imitate others—abandoning our identities—all for the sake of social acceptance. Instead, we need to learn to embrace our distinctive attributes and sustain our beauty with love and patience.


Honoring your body in self-care and mastering the natural expression of your beauty is the vindication for the monotony of societal beauty standards. Exercising sovereignty over your beauty heralds its emergence. It’s waiting to rise again. If you listen closely, you will hear the rustling of a shift from social consensus on beauty ideals to autonomy.


Deconstruct beauty to see each aspect of it for what it is without the interference of outside influences. Hair, nails, skin, curves, mind, body, spirit, style, scent: they are all yours to build a personal relationship with. What does beautiful skin and hair look like to you without influence from others? Better yet, come to terms with why everything about you is already beautiful and act in accordance with what you know to be true about yourself.


Throughout the process of writing this for you, for us, the voices of everyone who came before me grew louder. Like thunder before a storm, sounds that become more pronounced are growing closer and signify eventualities. Listen to your body not just physically, but spiritually. What you allow close to you in any sense can modify you. So there is also beauty in sound. The truths we hear in affirmations call to our souls. Let your voice carry in the wind, as tenderly and sweetly as the nightingale, as you reclaim your majestic beauty and rejoice in song. Caged bird, you’re free!


When I close my eyes and feel the essence of my beauty, I feel the resounding vibrations of my forebears. Every part of me, inside and out, is derived from their gift of life. I’m the culmination of their best decisions, fears overcome, and strength. I’m their voice, their power, their resilience, the continuation of their paths and instructions, their truth. I’m the past delivered to the present wrapped in flesh, foreshadowing the future. This is why no bottle, no commercial, neither friend nor foe can dictate your worth or disqualify your beauty. Any interference is just noise–a distraction from your inherited gifts and your purpose. The past generations echoing through your spirit, features, and skin are all the reinforcement you require.


Sustain your body in alignment with your connection to self and the earth. Follow the voice within and set in motion the edification of your entire being and eventual legacy in your likeness. Your choices now encrypt the instructions that will present opportunities at the gateway of tomorrow. The future of beauty begins with you.



Marquita Robinson Garcia is a cosmetic chemist and founder of Dviniti Skin Care, a natural plant-based skin care line. Known as the “Mad Scientist Gone Good” Marquita is on a mission to create and champion personalized, sustainable skincare. Through her book, “The Sustainable Beauty: Bridging the Gap to Personalized Skin Care” Marquita offers her extensive experience and insights from the beauty industry. 

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